Thursday, July 29, 2004

Invasion of the Genetically Altered Mutant Test Cases!

In my lectures on Software Testing I remark that there is not nearly enough research done on software testing. This summer, in my web based software engineering course we were discussing mutation testing and one of my students mentioned the potential application of Genetic Algorithms to mutation testing. After a bit of web searching I came across two articles that explore Genetic Algorithms for testing (pdf of article 1, pdf of article 2). Please share any comments you have on these articles or additional articles on this topic. Please also share any additional resources, pointers to research on software testing. Thanks.

In doing the research for this post, I came across yet another source for free educational material on the web. Samizdat Press has an eclectic collection of articles including a tutorial on LaTex and pointers to other free educational material sites. In the near future I hope to list most of these resources on my homepage.

My summer posting has been light. Hopefully you will see increasing frequency in the next few weeks. Later!