Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is ACI a subset of HCI?

Received this conference announcement and could not resist sharing with the group (sorry it has been so long since my last note).  It does reflect how ubiquitous intelligent devices are and how they will affect interaction with other species.  I would be interested in your comments and whether there is a place for an app store for pet owners.  If you have heard of the app Yo, why not Woof or Meow!  Actually Yo has a practical side - check out this:  http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2014/07/15/Yo-app-being-used-to-alert-Israelis-of-Hamas-rocket-attacks/6801405450267/?spt=hts&or=6 - it is being used to alert Israelis to rocket attacks.



ACI’14 - Animal-Computer Interaction: Pushing Boundaries beyond ‘Human’

Workshop, NordiCHI’14, 27th October 2014, Helsinki

An increasing body of work originating from within the HCI community is shaping the emerging discipline of Animal-Computer Interaction (ACI), aiming to: study the interaction between animals, technology and humans in naturalistic settings; develop user-centered technology that supports animals and interspecies relationships; inform user-centered approaches to the design of technology intended for animals.
The ACI’14 workshop aims to bring together researchers who have worked in areas relate to or are interested in ACI, from within HCI or other relevant disciplines. Through a range of collaborative activities (including short presentations, group design exercises and plenary discussions) the workshop will explore issues relevant to ACI, for example in relation to accessibility, methodology and ethics.
We invite position papers - up to four pages in ACM extended abstract format - on theories, applications and practices related, for example, to: interaction modalities for diverse sensorial apparatuses, cognitive capabilities, and ergonomic characteristics; methodologies potentially useful for researching, designing or evaluating multispecies technology; ethical frameworks and approaches possibly appropriate for working with humans and other animals. Email submissions to: Clara.Mancini@open.ac.uk

Deadline for workshop papers: August 14, 2014
Notifications of acceptance: September 11, 2014
Workshop dates: October 27, 2014

Clara Mancini, The Open University
Oskar Juhlin, Stockholm University
Adrian David Cheock, City University London
Janet van der Linden, The Open University
Shaun Lawson, University of Lincoln

For more information about NordiCHI’14 workshops:

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