Wednesday, August 2, 2006


As I say many times in my lectures Martin Fowler is an author that seems to write faster than I can read!  If you have taken my Software Architecture and Design class, his name is mentioned many times and he is a very influential methodologist/theorist/pragmatist in Object Oriented design. 

He has just re-released an article, Writing Software Patterns, that can be found on his web site.  It captures many of the things I discuss in class along with introducing you to other pattern mavens such as Jim Coplien.  (If you've ever met Cope, even that web site does not do him justice!)

Fowler also has a great emphasis on "tasks rather than tools."  Read it to discover more.

More soon.  I have an impressive student back log of entries, more on One Web Day, and more about other summer readings.  Later!