Monday, November 12, 2007


It is fitting that my 100th post on this blog be about One Laptop Per Child. I have discussed OLPC in many of my classes, both as an intriquing concept and an example of focused design and Human Computer Interaction principles. You can read much more about OLPC here.

All of this is great, but the real reason I ma posting on this yet again is to encourage you to buy an OLPC. Yes you can buy one in a special 1 for 2 deal! Yes I said a ! for 2 deal. For a very limited time you can buy one OLPC machine for the price of two. The second one will be given to a child in a third world country an dyou will get a $200 dollar tax deduction. I have already ordered and, with shipping, my total came to $423.95.

I encourage anyone who thinks this is a neat idea and can afford it to do the same. You can begin the process at this site. This special offer i sfor 15 days from November 12th to November 26th, 2007. Get a great piece of technology and give a child in the world a very special gift for the price of a stripped down Playstation 3.

When I get my OLPC I will post my impressions here and on my other blog.

If you do order one, I would appreciate adding a comment to this post. Thanks!