Friday, June 23, 2006

One Web Day!


First, I am back!  Sorry for such a long hiatus but it has been an interesting year with one new course - Information Technology Security and Privacy at the University of Pennsylvania and a major redesign of the Software Architecture and Design course at Stevens.  If you are interested in either send me an email and I will send you the syllabi (I may even make them available at my web site.)

What I would like to discuss today, and will provide weekly updates on, is One Web Day.  One Web Day will occur on September 22nd of each year and 2006 is the first year.  Its purpose is to promote a global day to celebrate online life.  Susan Crawford, a woman of tremendous energy, conceived this idea and has been promoting it everywhere.
So please check out the web site and please get involved anyway you can.  I think it is a great concept providing us a day to reflect on our online community and  to give back to the community.   

Susan said  it well on the One Web Day site:

The goal of this activity is to create a global good news day for
the Web. We also want to encourage collaboration/participation in
online life that goes well beyond this one day in September. Adopt a
nursing home, connect another hotspot — whatever makes sense to you and
your friends — but help people all around the world mark the day as
part of a global celebration of collaboration and participation online.

OneWebDay:  Join Us.  Who’s us?  Everyone.

I feel so strongly about what a great idea One Web Day is that I am on the board.  I am encouraging all of my students and anyone else who visits here to get involved.  If you do get involved, let me know how you are involved.   If you want to help but do not know what to do, contact me. 

Visit again real soon.  I have a backlog and intend to have a busy, blogging summer.  Enjoy your summer!  Later!