Thursday, September 21, 2006

First One Web Day Tomorrow!

I have already provided an entry on One Web Day and for those of you that missed it please check back a few posts.  The first One Web Day is tomorrow, September 22nd, and I encourage folks to check on the One Web Day Site for activities in their area.  For folks in the New York City area, the festivities are at Battery Park in NYC. 

Some information on the NYC event:

Download sample_1.pdf

Download the_battery__map_of_the_battery_with_stage_and_truck.pdf

If there is no event in your area, consider starting one next year.   Contact me if you need suggestions.  We hope to enlarge the role of Universities next year.

The web is about community and this is one day out of the year when we recognize, celebrate and work to enhance and broaden that community.  The web is global and so are many of our problems.  If there is one thing I stress in all of my courses it is that communication is the key to successful products.  Communication also is an important factor globally for the same reasons, to understand each other and work  together to improve the process and the result!  Yes, I am showing my stripes as a child of the 60's!

So at the very least tomorrow, take a moment to reflect on how the web has affected you.  Later!