Monday, April 19, 2004

Book Learning

On Friday I gave a talk at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. It is a revision of the earlier talk I gave at Drexel and can be accessed either at my home page or here. If you are interested, one of the faculty members at Hobart and William Smith, Professor Eck, has written a great introductory text on java that is available on the internet for free! You can get it here.

Speaking of free books, I downloaded this intro calculus book by H. Jerome Keisler of the University of Wisconsin and was very impressed. A post on slashdot recommended it.

One book that is not free but is the introductory and reference text for Artificial Intelligence is Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig's, Artificial intelligence: A modern approach, Prentice Hall, second edition, ISBN 0-13-790395-2. I plan to use it in a future course and it would be a great book for anyone wanting to understand the current issues in AI.

In a later post I will survey some of the more general places on the web for free downloadable texts. I would appreciate any suggestions of worthwhile downloadable texts or comments on the texts I suggested. Later!

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