Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pro T folding

The title of this post was meant to have you think about Protein folding, but actually refers to T shirt folding.  I thought it was worthwhile bringing it to your attention, (1) because it is very cool, (2) if you do it, it will save you time, (3) it is a very effective instructional video and  (4) it was posted on Pavel Curtis's blog and Pavel is a legend in software.  You can  read Pavel's  T shirt blog entry with ya link to the relevant video, here.  (If you have difficulty accessing it, send me mail.)

Here's a bio of Pavel I scarfed from this MIT website,

Dr. Pavel Curtis received his bachelor's degree from Antioch College in 1981 and his
master's and doctorate degrees from Cornell University in 1983 and 1990, respectively.
Since 1983, he has been a member of the research community at the Xerox Palo Alto
Research Center, where he has worked on aspects of the Smalltalk-80, Interlisp-D/Xerox
Lisp, and Cedar programming environments and other projects related to the design and
implementation of programming languages. He led the SchemeXerox project, which
explored large-scale software development in the Scheme programming

Dr. Curtis is the founder and chief administrator of LambdaMOO, one of the most popular
recreational social virtual realities on the Internet. Since 1992, as co-leader of the Network
Places project, he has been working on bringing the benefits of network places to a broader
range of users and applications.

I will discuss some of the topics including MOOs in a later post.  Pavel is a legend in software and (good) hacking circles.  His work (along with others of course) with Interlisp, Cedar, Smalltalk and Scheme formed the basis for how we develop today.  He is a luminary of computer science well worth knowing.

Since my title alluded also to protein folding, a bit about that reference.  My personal iMac at home (melmac, a G5 2 gig beauty) when not dealing with me, happily runs protein folding, climate prediction and SETIBOINC, software from UC Berkeley manages these apps and it is a great experiment in GRID computing and a way to donate cycles to your favorite scientific research.

However, if you are not interested in delving into any of these topics, please at least view the  t-shirt folding video.  It is fascinating and, for the laundry folders, could give you more time to enjoy these last days of summer.  Later!

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