Thursday, August 21, 2008

A new era of "help" messages

Often in my HCI classes I state that the best human computer interface is no interface, that you should automate the task completely if you can.  I just came across a pointer to a video from doggdot, a blog aggregator, that is worth posting and you can find it here.  It shows a robot correcting a human in a cooperative task.  Two points worth noting in the video: (1) the dialog design that results in a rather firm correction to the human and (2) the fact that the human had to adjust the platform so the robot could place the bolt on the wheel - there still is a long way to go before you will work on a daily basis with an obnoxious robot.  Gee the aibo is discontinued only to be replaced by obnoxious robots!

I think I have my nth wind and hope to increase the frequency of my posts going forward.  Later!

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