Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Trustworthy Computing

Note this is the first class discussion post in this weblog. All class discussion posts are specifically for my current students but past students and visitors are welcome to add their comments too.

Microsoft's next operating system, code named longhorn http://msdn.microsoft.com/longhorn/, touts as one of its new initiatives trustworthy computing. Recall that trustworthy software is stable, does not crash with minor flaws and will shut down in an orderly fashion with major flaws. What does this mean when dealing with an operating system and does it mean different things to different users of the system? I suspect that a consumer, a business person, an administrator and a developer have their own concept of what trustworthy computing is and what is an acceptable result when encountering a failure.

What is your view of acceptable results in the midst of failure for each class of user? What are unacceptable results?

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