Sunday, November 2, 2003

On error handling

In my classes I emphasize that it is important to provide adequate error handling in your code, but I also admit it is a real pain to do and one of my least favorite coding tasks.

Greg Horvath, CS565-'03, sent me a url to an article by Andrei Alexandrescu and Petru Marginean on Enforcements in the C/C++ Users Journal, Andrei also is author of Modern C++ Design: Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied, a very popular C++ patterns book, that Greg recommended in class. Getting back to enforcements, they are on the fly condition verifiers. The article is really well done, providing code and examples of using enforcements. Their short discussion of architectural patterns, design patterns and idioms alone is worth visiting the url. It is a companion to a previous article on assertions which is on my queue to read between terms.

I'd like to again thank Greg for the recommendation and encourage all of you to suggest articles and books to read that can be shared on the blog.

I also would like to thank folks for commenting on current blog entries, keep the dialog going! Later.

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