Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Rules Rule

In the Intro to Quantitative Software Engineering (CS540) class this week we discussed OO Analysis and Design. During the lecture I went into my usual monologue that OO is too predominant in current CS. I went on to say that there are other really useful and used programming methodologies. Of course this is not a great revelation! However one methodology that has been virtually ignored in modern development practice is rule-based programming and data driven methodology. (So much so that I think that my next blog will be devoted entirely to that.)

So the discussion question is: How aware are you of the rule based/data driven methodology? Has anyone in formal coursework mentioned it? (Besides me) Have you or do you use it in your own development projects? Would you use it if given the chance to learn it? Do you think a Blog and web site devoted to it would be helpful to get you started?

As always thanks for your comments!