Saturday, January 3, 2004

The Unexplored Universe

This is a request for feedback from students who have taken my Introduction to Quantitative Software Engineering Course, CS540 for those of you who prefer numbers. However I encourage others to contribute, since I will provide the current list of topics I introduce in the course.

Currently the course covers: Software Process Models, Software Requirements, Capability Matrurity Model and the Software Engineering Institute, Managing Software Requirements, Software Project Planning, Software Requirements, Metrics, Estimating Effort, Risk Analysis, Scheduling, Softwar eProject Reviews, MULTICS case study, Quality Assurance, Development Standards, Configuration and Build Management, Testing, Systems Engineering, Analysis and Modeling, Architecture, Design, Supporting Techniques (Problem Solving, Meeeting Methods, Negotiation, Management management), Object-Oriented Analysis, OO Design, OO Testing, OO Metrics, Light vs. Heavy Methodologies Including XP, Open Source, Gaming, Softwar Factories, Computer Human Interaction, Formal Methods, Clean Room Development, Fault Tolerance, Software Archeology. Phew. The textbooks include Brooks Mythical Man Month and van Vliets Software Engineering.

My goal is to touch on each of these subjects and provide pointers so that students can investigate the topics further on their own. So I am reticent to exclude topics and would appreciate pointers to topics in Software Engineering that I have missed. One bit of feedback last semester was that I should spend more time on Quality.

Are there other topics that I am missing? Are there some topics that I should not cover? Do you have ideas for other classic case studies? One topic I am considering adding next term is Out Sourcing of Software -- would this be helpful?

Thanks for your help! Later.

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