Monday, January 16, 2006

About You

I have been asked by folks several times to provide recommendations on introductions to cognitive psychology.  Two popular books are: Cognitive Psychology by Solso, et. al. (isbn 0205410308) and Cognitive Psychology by Sternberg (isbn 0155085352).  The observant reader will note that cognitive psychologists are very creative in their choice of titles!  You also can obtain a free copy of William James, Principles of Psychology here.  Although it was written in 1890, it is still a great read on ourselves.  In fact if you are really into psychology, York University in Canada offers an archive of free classic books and papers here.  Highly recommended, especially if you would like to read a bit about some of the topics such as Gestalt Psychology that I briefly cover in class.

There also is a great online (shareware if you find it useful) book on task centered user interface design by Clayton Lewis and John Reiman.  You can download a copy of it here.   It is a very practitioner oriented book and highly recommended.  I knew Clayton when he worked as a user interface specialist at IBM Yorktown Heights (aka T.J. Watson Research Center) with John Gould. You can access a paper they wrote on designing for usability here. Clayton then moved to academia and is at the University of Colorado.

I will be adding more resources on psychology and human centered design in the months ahead.  Later!

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