Friday, January 27, 2006

Revenge of the Managers

Yes it had to happen, albeit a bit late.  Twenty plus years after the Revenge of the Nerds, the managers have struck back!  They have established a new conference, Waterfall 2006.  However if you read carefully (or not so carefully) you will find it is a spoof on the waterfall model and that it actually is on agile methods.  Actually if you notice that the location is Niagara Falls and the date is April 1, 2006 you should question its reality.  (It is worth clicking on the Register now button.)

A bit of humor after a rough, cold week in January to begin your weekend.  Thanks to Diggdot for pointing to the post in   Both are sites worth visiting frequently (I do) -- actually Diggdot provides summaries of a few sites including and slashdot.

Next week I will begin to work on my backlog of student postings.  Later!

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